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Reconstructive Surgeries

Reconstructive Surgeries


Many of the times, cancer treatments damage a body part’s function or appearance. Reconstructive surgery may help to get function and appearance back. These Reconstructive surgeries are completely different from cosmetic surgeries, which take place without any medical reason. Reconstructive surgeries occur because of important medical reasons; these surgeries are generally needed after some type of surgery to remove cancer as female patients choose reconstructive surgery after mastectomy which is a surgical removal of a breast. Mastectomy is a surgical treatment for breast cancer. Tissues, nerves, and skin which get removals because of cancer treatment also could be restored through Reconstructive surgery.


  • Severely damaged body organs because of cancer spread
  • An inappropriate appearance of body parts because of cancer treatment or therapies
  • Prior cancer surgical scars
  • Patient’s preference


  • To develop blood supply with the growth of blood vessels in transplanted skin tendon or bone.
  • For cover-up of those tissues which is not disconnected from blood supply but moved while still attached to the nearby area.
  • For implantation in a damaged body part, generally it includes breasts testicular and penile implants.
  • For visible worst scars because of earlier cancer surgeries.


Many cancer reconstructive surgeries use microvascular techniques; it is often called a “free flap surgery”. In microvascular surgical procedure oncologist take one part of tissue and blood vessels from patient’s body, these parts are moved to the damaged body part, it is called as transplantation. A surgeon uses small stitches in the process to connect blood vessels. These stitches are very minor only visible with a microscope, but it plays a vital role to connect the tissue and blood vessels at the new site. Sometimes, with the help of reconstructive surgery, an oncologist can restore the appearance of a body part as well as often its functions, like a restoration of jawbone shape and its functions in Head and neck surgery.
There are some types of surgeries available as:
  • Skin, tendon and bone grafts: This surgery may take place to restore own blood supply of transplanted new tissues.
  • Local Flap surgery: This procedure uses nearby body tissue to cover a specific area which is affected by cancer surgery. The tissue is not disconnected from the body or blood supply, it is just moved to the nearby area.
  • Artificial Implants: Damaged body part gets replaced by an artificial implant as breast, testicular and penile implants.
  • Scar Revision: These surgical procedures minimize or help to fed away scars because of earlier surgery.
At Zanish Hospital, we help to restore appearance and functions of damaged body parts through Reconstructive Surgeries because of cancer spread or cancer treatment. We start any surgical procedure after counseling of patient and mention them recovery time, an exact procedure of surgery and emotional side effects of Reconstructive surgery.