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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer


Cancer is a malignant tumor, which take shape because of the collection of cancer cells, arising from the cells of the breast. Breast Cancer predominantly occurs in women but it happens in men too, it can affect nearly every part of a body. There are many types of breast cancer, which differs on the basis of capability of spreading (metastasize) to other body tissues. Causes of breast cancer are not fully extracted, although a number of risk factors have been identified. Approximately 25.8 per 100,000 women breast cancer cases diagnoses per year in India.

Best Doctor for Cancer Treatment in Rajasthan, Breast Cancer Specialist in Rajasthan Content : If you are searching best doctor for cancer treatment in Abu Road,Rajasthan and Breast Cancer Specialist in Abu Road,Rajasthan then you need to go to Zanish Cancer hospital. It has the most dynamic doctors. Doctors at Zanish Cancer hospital are expert in treating all kinds of cancer. Cancer is a deadly disease and some cancers are not even curable but doctors at Zanish Cancer hospital try their best to save as many lives as possible. They even have saved many patients who were very critical and had less chances of survival.

There is huge cost involved in treatment of a cancer patient. Thus a patient needs to spend huge amount to get cured. But doctors at Zanish Cancer hospital only charge reasonable amount from the patients as they understand the situation of the patient and its family members. This is the reason why thousands of people visit Zanish Cancer hospital for treatment.

Many people in this country are not able to take the treatment because of its cost. So Zanish Cancer hospital has decided to provide lowest cancer treatment with all the facilities and infrastructure. The doctors at Zanish Cancer hospital are very cooperative and supportive. They coordinate with the patient and its family members and treat them as per their convenience.

As the Cancer treatment is very lengthy, it is not possible that every time the family members are there for support. In this condition the soothing hands of the doctors and staff can provide relief to the patient. At Zanish Cancer hospital, we make sure that the patient does not get demotivated at any point of time. The whole hospital environment is lively and joyful and so are our doctors.

Not many hospitals in Rajasthan will provide you such comforts at low price. So for cancer treatment just considers the best hospital in Rajasthan and that is Zanish Cancer hospital.

Reconstructive surgery after Cancer treatment:
Breast cancer patients can choose Breast reconstructive surgery any time after their cancer surgery, patient may decide for Reconstructive surgery immediately after cancer treatment or after one month or after several years. During reconstruction a plastic surgeon creates a breast shape with the help of artificial implant which is called implant reconstruction or a flap of tissue from another place of the patient’s body, it is call autologous reconstruction.
At Zanish Hospital, Ahmedabad,Gujarat, Rajasthan we provide surgical procedures for Breast cancer treatment as well as reconstructive surgeries also.