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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer is a malignant tumor, which take shape because of the collection of cancer cells, arising from the cells of the breast. Breast Cancer predominantly occurs in women but it happens in men too, it can affect nearly every part of a body. There are many types of breast cancer, which differs on the basis of capability of spreading (metastasize) to other body tissues. Causes of breast cancer are not fully extracted, although a number of risk factors have been identified. Approximately 25.8 per 100,000 women breast cancer cases diagnoses per year in India.

Surgeons of Zanish Cancer are the best Breast Cancer specialist in Rajasthan and Best Doctor for Cancer Treatment in Rajasthan. Some problems are only faced by women. Breast cancer is one such problem. Today many women are facing breast cancer. As we all know women are strong we even fight against this deadly disease. This disease is completely curable and many ladies are living their life like before. It is advisable that all the women should check any unusual changes in their breasts so that early detection of cancer can help in treating cancer.

The reason of breast cancer is not very clear. There are many myths in the market regarding breast cancer. Our duty is not to be afraid of such myths and be careful with your body and its changes. If you are more aware then it is easy to detect breast cancer in its early stage and the treatment becomes more easy and quick. Once the cancer starts spreading, the patient may have to risk its life.

Awareness camps are being conducted at many places to create awareness regarding symptoms and signs of Breast Cancer. If you want to know more about breast cancer then it’s better to ask the experts of Zanish Cancer hospital. Right guidance is also necessary rather than depending on unauthorised sources. Sometimes half knowledge or wrong knowledge is dangerous.

Women never prioritise their health and this is where she gets wrong. The person who is handling major responsibilities of the house needs care and attention. If her health gets compromised then it’s is difficult to handle the house. Regular exercise and healthy food habits are essential to avoid situations like breast cancer. Sometimes your genes are responsible for cancer. If the person is having any family history of cancer then he or she might get breast cancer. Though it’s not necessary but one should be careful.

Reconstructive surgery after Cancer treatment:
Breast cancer patients can choose Breast reconstructive surgery any time after their cancer surgery, patient may decide for Reconstructive surgery immediately after cancer treatment or after one month or after several years. During reconstruction a plastic surgeon creates a breast shape with the help of artificial implant which is called implant reconstruction or a flap of tissue from another place of the patient’s body, it is call autologous reconstruction.
At Zanish Hospital, Ahmedabad we provide surgical procedures for Breast cancer treatment as well as reconstructive surgeries also.